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International School of Energy Healing and Karma Correction - NEW-KARMA

Real techniques and technologies are the result of the development and work of an entire generation of the so-called "second wave of senses"

The main focus of the school is working with Karma.

Generalized and crystallized experience of works on removal and removal of all types of magical and energetic influences, direct and indirect influences on the free expression of human will, as well as generalized experience of works on correction of Karma, both personal and family.

Why us?

  1. Removal of damage, spells, magical and psychological influences.
  2. Breaking the connection with restless souls, exorcism, elimination of energy drains and binding.
  3. Restoration of energy structure, subtle bodies, chakras, harmonization of the life path.
  4. Correction of ancestral and personal karma, ancestral vows and curses.
  5. Installing protection.
  6. Liberation from fears, negative attitudes, postulates and blocks.
  7. Formation of a new desired future.


The session is conducted by a Master / Mentor of energy healing and karma correction, who has passed the Initiation and has a Master's degree and an authentic algorithm for conducting sessions.
This session allows a person to quickly recover when the life balance is lost, the life energy resource in the person's field is blocked, when it is not possible to cope on your own!

Very often, all fields and the physical body become unbalanced, which prevents a person from living joyfully and fully, feeling the fullness of life.

All energy changes first occur in subtle fields and only then are they manifested in the physical body and physical reality.
A person can experience a loss of comfort in their energy multidimensional field before it manifests physically.
In a holistic aura, there is a gradual improvement of health.

How can an energy healing and karma correction session help you?

  • Relieve stress and fatigue.
  • Overcome depression.
  • Get rid of insomnia.
  • Dissolve fears, blocks, pain, resentment, aggression.
  • Improve well-being and mood.
  • Return mental comfort.
  • Establish or improve relations with others.
  • Become more attractive and self-confident.
  • Find your soulmate and start a family.
  • Understand yourself, understand your true desires and goals.
  • Realize your purpose.
  • Reach a higher level of development.
  • Expand spiritual horizons.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Restore your energetic integrity and fullness.
  • Your weight may stabilize.
  • The elasticity of the aura and its protective and resource characteristics are developing.

When should you not undergo an energy healing session?

  • You should not come to the session just out of curiosity.
  • You should not attend the session if you have a pacemaker, iron plates or prostheses (be warned in advance - the metal may heat up during the session, the pacemaker may fail!)
  • High fever, bleeding, acute stage of any disease, acute mental illness (including congenital epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism and some of its forms) with consideration of PND or at a neurologist, before tests and other medical studies, during chemotherapy;
  • Genetic pathology; chromosomal pathologies;

For more information on energy cleansing sessions and karma correction, please contact the site Administration.

Diagnosis by photography

What is photo diagnostics?
Magical diagnosis is a process of making a diagnosis that helps to find the cause of what is happening to a person and to develop methods of magical help and support.
In the modern world, a diagnosis is most often done with photography. Viewing helps to understand the root of problems, magical influences, to see the overall energy state of a person.

What can you learn from a photograph?

- Negative magical influences from outside
- Own negative attitudes, blocks
- State of energy structures
- Health at the energy level
- State of the chakra system
- Vital energy level
- Distortion in the passage of energies

Photo requirements:

  • A person must be alone, so that the energy field can be clearly defined.
  • Without animals.
  • Not against the background of temples or similar strong places.
  • Not against the background of  flowing water (river, waterfall, fountain).

Rules for receiving diagnostics online:



Pre-registration through the Administrator is mandatory, the time and date are discussed with the Patient, according to the schedule of the Master's workload and the Patient's wishes;
When registering, the Patient fills out the initial application form (which our Administrator sends you in advance), and also chooses a communication source for diagnosis - Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.;

For better conversation

The patient needs to write down questions for himself in advance (if desired) so as not to get confused during the diagnosis and not to forget to clarify something important for him;


We correspond with you in any convenient messenger (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.), you send the necessary photo, the questionnaire you filled out, as well as the questions you prepared in advance (if desired), after the end of the diagnosis, in the case of the appointment of recommendations by the Master to the Patient after the diagnosis, in writing, the Master sends all the information electronically (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) within 1-24 hours from the moment of completion of the online diagnosis;

Registration for online diagnostics

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The principle of building the structure of the school

Presupposes an internal hierarchy, which currently has seven levels read here.


A chance to change your life for the better and the lives of your loved ones and relatives, transform-transform-transform any "bad" karma, remission of many chronic diseases, a feeling of "resourcefulness" provided that the Mentor's recommendations are followed, obtaining professional skills that are well paid, in serving people and heaven at the same time.
An exceptional way is revealed without rituals and additional tools, no "gift" and almost "faith" is needed, knowledge comes during practice - there is training and no certification is needed to start practice.


All problems are NOT solved in one fell swoop without serious work in practice, helping others and "rolling out" first of all one's own glitches, revising the beliefs of principles and freeing oneself from fixations and negativity of the past.

It is necessary to know the important: During the Initiation the energy information cocoon is shed/purified from genetic deformations (negative programs and blocks), personal, current and reincarnation karma, but modulate in a new quality personal and current karma, and continue to work on reincarnation karma, you need to all subsequent and ongoing incarnations after the initiation.

Consecration is paid, training is in practice

Other nuances are learned in the process of the Master's Way, in communication with the Mentor and patients, there are support platform courses on clairvoyance, work and counselling, diagnostics and a course of sacred knowledge for "Novices" or people "burdened" with esoteric knowledge or practices without analysis and structure. 

It is important to remember:

The lack of funds or lack of understanding of what needs to be paid for indicates the unpreparedness of the human structure to receive such a chance and tool, and here I would not like to talk about hierarchy or election, but the facts are a stubborn thing - that is, that is, Money is a Karmic filter and the equivalent of the Master's spent energy and time, this is your chance to reset karma qualitatively and go through this upgrade and get insights that have been chased for many centuries in various ways, trying to find sacred knowledge (recluse monks, meditation in Tibet for years, sacrifice , other)

I know for a fact that the instrument of great service and love will NOT be suitable for greedy, ambitious people who seek power and money. Networks and coaches that open a "money channel" and other consciousness manipulators: in order to be a Master, you need to seriously change your consciousness, understanding that it is possible to provide help to people only at their personal request, desire and readiness to receive such help.


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